Campervan early bird booking: when should I book my holiday for 2022?

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You’re asking yourself when to book your holiday for 2022? We’re going to provide you with our “campervan early bird booking” tips and will share with you why it makes sense to think about next year’s camping season. Additionally, we’ve got some travel destinations for you as well as available Motorhomes that you can rent at PaulCamper. So let’s get started with your early bird adventure for next year!

Campervan early bird booking: when should I book my holiday for 2022?
Campervan early bird booking: when should I book my holiday for 2022?

Campervan early bird booking – 5 reasons, why you should already book your holiday for next year


This year’s summer camping season is unfortunately over and if you don’t want to travel during autumn or winter, it definitely pays off to think about next year’s season. Still not convinced? We’ve collected 5 reasons why you already should think about your holiday plans for next year.

1. Selection of available campervans


“First come, first served!”. Yes, a saying that also applies to the selection of available Motorhomes for your holiday. If you think about a campervan early bird booking you’ll still have the full range of different vehicles available for you to choose from. This can also help if you’re a first-time renter. It will leave you enough time to find out which vehicle fits you best since we’ve got it all – from smaller campervans to fully integrated class A vehicles.

2. Do you want to stick to the same campervan?


You had a lot of fun this year with your hired Motorhome and loved it as if it were your own? Well, then this is another advantage of early bird bookings. If you want to hire the same vehicle for your next holiday, it is probably still available for your desired dates. If you’re opting for a last-minute holiday, it might already be gone. So be fast, before somebody else gets it!



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3. More time for planning


If you have already secured your desired Motorhome, there is enough time for you to plan the rest of your holiday without having to stress out about the vehicle. No matter if you travel with friends or family, there is enough time to find out about the activities as well as places of interest along the route – especially during holiday time if you’re on the road with the family.

4. Camping and Corona


It’s no secret that camping has become more and more popular during corona times. This also means that more and more people are interested in renting a campervan. If you’re an early bird booker you’re more flexible in terms of travel dates. The sooner you know when to go on your holiday, – again – the bigger your choice of available vehicles is.

5. The “friendly cancellation”


“What happens if I have to cancel my holiday due to corona?”. This is probably a question that comes to mind when we’re talking about campervan early bird bookings. Don’t worry, we’ve also got a solution for you on this one! Simply choose a Motorhome that uses the “friendly cancellation” badge. This way, you don’t have to forgo the above-mentioned benefits and can still book safely. If you have to cancel your trip due to corona up to 7 days in advance, you can get 85% of your rental price reimbursed which supersedes our standard cancellation terms.

Campervan early bird booking: when should I book my holiday for 2022?
Campervan early bird booking: when should I book my holiday for 2022?

Campervan early bird booking – available Motorhomes for next year


If you’re now persuaded and ready to book a holiday for 2022, then we’ve got just the right campervans for you!



Hire a campervan for the Easter holidays in 2022


The beauty of Easter is that we’ve got two bank holidays and a long weekend ahead of us, which is perfect for a campervan holiday! Here you can find all campers with “friendly cancellation” that are available during the Easter holidays.


Campervans for Easter



Here you can find some campers that are available for 7 nights around the Easter holidays if you’re planning on making a road trip to discover the beautiful countryside or beaches in the UK.


Find a Motorhome

Hire a campervan for the Early May bank holiday


May is the perfect time to enjoy a long weekend and wake up in the middle of nature. Early May bank holiday is happening next year on Monday, May 2nd and here you can find all available Motorhomes with “friendly cancellation” during this time.


Campervans for Early May

Hire a campervan in June 2022


With two bank holidays June is the perfect month to enjoy the sun while you’re on the road. There is a bank holiday on Thursday June 2nd followed by the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee bank holiday on Friday 3rd. And we’re pretty sure that our dear Queen Elizabeth would want you to get out and enjoy some fresh air on a road trip! Here you can find all campervans with “friendly cancellation” available from Thursday to Sunday.


Campervans for June


If you’re looking to rent a vehicle for a whole week, you can check the available selection here.


Rent a Motorhome

Travel inspiration for 2022


You’ve found the right Motorhome. You’re ready to plan your holiday for next year, but what’s still missing is the inspiration for the right destination? We’ve got you covered! Here are some destinations and road trip suggestions across the UK that are perfect for you.

Scotland – a Highland road trip


Campervan road trip Scotland Highlands travel tips


Join German couple, Sven and Lena, on their tour through the Scottish highlands in a 36-year-old VW campervan including the whole tour, highlights, and hidden gems.


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Cornwall – a taste of the Caribbean close to home


Campervan early bird booking


White sand beaches, crystal clear water in all shades of blue as well as jagged cliffs and pretty little villages – you don’t have to jump on a plane to enjoy the beauty of the Caribbean. Welcome to Cornwall! Check out the highlights.


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The most stress-free locations across the UK


campervan early bird booking


Looking for a more quiet and relaxed holiday? There are plenty of amazing laid-back UK destinations to explore! We’ve got the top 25 chilled staycations in the UK for you.


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And that’s it! These are our tips, tricks, and highlights for a campervan early bird booking. Hopefully, we could inspire you and we’re looking forward to continuing traveling with you in 2022. In the end, there’s nothing more left to say other than “Happy camping!”.

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