Festivals in a Campervan

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There’s no doubt that festivals are a big part of the culture in the United Kingdom. You could almost say that they are the culture since there are so many of them throughout the year! Some of the best festivals in the world take place in England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland and in an average year, well over 200 festivals take place across the region with over five million people attending. So, have you ever thought about visiting some of those festivals in a Campervan?

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Since the restrictions due to Corona have been loosened or lifted, 2022 is the year to actually make up for those missed festivals for the past two years! However, you should always check if there are any regulations in place before you travel, so you can avoid unpleasant surprises when reaching your destination.

Festivals in the United Kingdom


Each year in the United Kingdom, there are food festivals, beer festivals, children’s festivals, music festivals, film festivals and more. There’s something for everyone, and some even include a variety of elements to cater to a wider audience. Most festivals are even dog-friendly, and some, like Dogstival, are catered exclusively to dogs and dog lovers. 

Festivals in a Campervan
Festivals in a Campervan

The best time to attend festivals in a Campervan in the United Kingdom is between May and October, when most of them are scheduled to take place and the weather is best. During this time of year, the temperatures are warm(ish) and there’s less of a chance of rain dampening your experience. If you’re planning a road trip around the United Kingdom, hiring a Motorhome is a great way to get around, and you’re bound to find some festivals along the way.

Why you should attend festivals in a Campervan


Attending festivals in a Campervan is the most convenient way to experience the season in the UK because you can easily travel from place to place and attend multiple gatherings without any hassles. As most festivals take place outdoors, you can expect to contend with mud, heat, wind and pretty much every other phenomenon mother nature can throw your way. Attending festivals in a Campervan means that you’ll have shelter readily available when you need it. Of course, if you rent a vehicle with PaulCamper, make sure you deliver your Motorhome back to the owner the way you’ve picked it up!

You’ll also have a place to wash up after a long day of trudging the muddy grounds and sitting in the hot sun, and you’ll have a warm, comfortable place to rest. Not to mention that it’s certainly more luxurious than staying in a tent. You’ll have a roof over your head as you sleep, and you’ll wake up to all the facilities you need to prepare your own breakfast. No wandering around in the early, misty morning searching for stale coffee.

Festivals in a Campervan
Festivals in a Campervan

But hold on, there’s more…


Whether you park on-site for the duration of a festival or you stay at a nearby campsite, you’ll reap the benefits of having a place to retreat when you need a change of clothes, a rest, or a bite to eat. One of the biggest complaints that festival-goers have is queuing for the washrooms, not to mention the condition that these portable washrooms are usually left in! If you have a vehicle that comes equipped with bathroom facilities, attending festivals in a Campervan eliminates this problem. No trudging in the darkness in the middle of the night in search of the facilities!  

The ins and outs of attending festivals in a Campervan 

It’s best to book your ticket to any festival as early as possible. If you’re attending a festival that allows Motorhomes or Campervans to stay on-site, make sure to book your stay along with the festival ticket because you may not be able to access the camping area without a pre-booking. Before you leave home, make sure your vehicle is stocked with everything you’ll need. Such as rain ponchos, insect repellent, sun protection, comfortable shoes and chargers for phones and other devices.

Festivals in a Campervan
Festivals in a Campervan

While some festivals offer water and electric hook-ups, others don’t. If you don’t have access to these services, don’t worry! Most of our vehicles come equipped with a freshwater tank as well as solar panels to generate electricity. Portable gas cookers or a stove with a gas connection is included as well.

When the camping area opens to Campervans and Motorhomes, try to show up as early as possible to get the best spot, as they tend to fill up quickly. You also don’t want to spend time stuck in a queue to get into the site or end up having to set up in the dark!

The dos and don’ts of Attending Festivals in a Campervan


  • Don’t take any restricted items into the festival grounds or camping area. This could include fireworks, glass bottles, illegal substances, or any type of weapon. 
  • Make sure your camper is secure when you leave to attend the festival activities.
  • Don’t park in restricted areas, or you’ll risk being ticketed or towed.
  • Keep your site and vehicle tidy and clean up any rubbish before you leave.
  • Do follow festival regulations to ensure everyone has a good time without any trouble.

Top 3 festivals in the UK

The United Kingdom plays host to many festivals throughout the year, and attending one or more of these festivals is a great add-on to any road-tripping holiday in the region. Here are some of our favourite festivals to attend around Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Festivals in a Campervan
Festivals in a Campervan

1. Edinburgh Fringe Festival – Scotland


Not only is the Edinburgh Fringe Festival one of the best arts and culture festivals in the United Kingdom, but it’s one of the best in the world. The festival takes place over three weeks in August and draws talent from all over. Tens of thousands of performances take place across hundreds of venues. There are children’s entertainers, dance performers, stand-up comedians, concerts, musicals, art exhibits, circus performances and even opera.


While camping is no longer available through the festival committee, there are several campsites located nearby that accommodate festival-goers. Mortonhall Caravan & Camping Park is only a short bus ride away from downtown Edinburgh, and Linwater Caravan Park is situated near the major routes to the city.

2. Camp Dalfest – Northern Ireland

Music and food are at the centre of the family-friendly festivities at Camp Dalfest which takes place on the grounds of the 17th-century Glenarm Castle in Glenarm. Over two days in July. Festival-goers enjoy musical performances by world-renowned acts, cooking demonstrations, art exhibits, children’s entertainment and more.


A campsite for Campervans and Motorhomes is available, and camping packages should be booked as early as possible as up to 25,000 people are anticipated to attend each year. Alternatively, the Carnfunnock Caravan Park and Campsite is a great place to set up nearby.

3. Gwledd Conwy Feast – Wales

Wales is another region of the United Kingdom that’s great for attending festivals in a Campervan. Among the many festivals that take place in Wales, the Gwledd Conwy Feast is one of the biggest and best.  This festival takes place in the historic walled town of Conwy and lasts for three days. Dates for 2022 still need to be announced.

Festivals in a Campervan
Festivals in a Campervan

During that time, you’ll enjoy sampling delicious food and drink, going to concerts, attending workshops and admiring beautiful art. On-site you’ll find street food stalls, exhibits, and vendors. There’s no camping on-site, but several campsites are situated nearby, including Conwy Holiday Park and Trwyn yr Wylfa Caravan & Camping Site.

And that’s it! Hopefully, you’ve enjoyed our tips and tricks for festivals in a Campervan and are ready to plan your festival experience for this year. Find vehicles that you can rent for a festival with us.


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