23 great gifts for campers

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With Christmas just around the corner, we’ve decided to put together a list of perfect gifts for camping lovers. Come to think of it, you could also use this list for birthdays or maybe as inspiration for a wedding gift for two very happy campers. Whatever the occasion, a gift for a camper should be useful and have a dose of humour thrown in for good measure.

We’ve come up with a selection of ideas that are guaranteed to please any campervan connoisseur – and set budding enthusiasts on the road to becoming a camper themselves. Want to surprise your partner or a loved one with a trip? We’ve got you covered: order a PaulCamper travel voucher and they can rent out a campervan when the time comes. For everyone else, be sure to take a look at our list of gifts for cool campers.

We’ve divided it into:

  1. Gifts for bookworm campers
  2. Affordable gifts for campers
  3. Useful gifts for campers
  4. Off-the-wall gifts for campers
  5. Humorous gifts for campers

23 great gifts for campers

Gifts for bookworm campers

We’re sure you know someone who a) likes to go camping on holiday, b) enjoys reading and c) deserves to have a gift bought for them. Of course, reading tastes differ, which is why we’ve made sure our list of books is as varied as can be. Keep it in mind the next time you need to buy a gift.


Campervan Crazy

Featuring more than 350 photos and images, this book by David and Cee Eccles is a treat for all admirers of the VW Type 2, or Camper, as it is affectionately known in the UK. David and Cee travelled around the world together in a Camper and set down their experiences on paper and in photographs for their book, Campervan Crazy.

How to Live in a Van and Travel

Imagine getting up in the morning and being able to take your home with you when you hit the road. This handy guide delves into what it means to lead a mobile lifestyle: no more rent, no more hotels, only low-cost living on wheels in the great outdoors. Sounds like a dream, doesn’t it?


Autonauts of the Cosmoroute

The rules: 1. To visit all 63 motorway services between Paris and Marseille in a VW Camper. 2. To stay overnight at every second service area. 3. To stay on the motorway at all times. Julio and Carol’s humorous exploration of motorway service areas and the cultures, customs and habits that come with them is immortalised in Autonauts of the Cosmoroute.


Motorcaravan Motorhome Monthly – a holiday in itself

Motorcaravan Motorhome Monthly, or MMM as it is known, is packed with travel features, inspiration on where to go next, DIY advice, campervans for sale, readers’ letters and more. Available in digital format (making it ideal to carry around on a smartphone or tablet), MMM can be purchased as a single issue or an annual subscription, which covers 13 issues. The best part? It’s much cheaper than you might think. Whatever you decide is the best option, MMM is sure to whet anybody’s appetite for travel. Buy it online from www.outandaboutlive.co.uk.


The Camper Van Cookbook

Camping comes with a few compromises, but food doesn’t have to be one of them. So put that tin opener away, because The Camper Van Cookbook is here to satisfy the taste buds of lovers of the great outdoors. With 80 tasty recipes, every dish can be cooked using just two rings – or a campfire if you have one handy. Written by Martin Dorey, a writer and surfer from North Devon.


23 great gifts for campers
23 great gifts for campers

Affordable gifts for campers

On a tight budget? No problem: we have you covered with some fantastic, affordable campervan gifts. Our tip: think of any budget as relative and you can’t go far wrong. We hope you’ll enjoy our list of useful, off-the-wall and humorous gifts for campers.


A cool camper keyring

Know someone who likes to go on campervan holidays and always spends ages looking through their huge set of keys to find the one they need? Have we got the right gift for them: a VW Camper keyring will fit their lifestyle perfectly. There are loads to choose from on Etsy.


A crocheted camper oven cloth

Home-made is best: these adorable oven cloths are sure to melt the heart of any top chef whose kitchen can be found in their campervan. The crochet pattern is available for download from Etsy. All you’ll need is some wool (in your preferred colours) along with a crochet hook and a pair of scissors.


An unbreakable enamel mug

Unbreakable mugs are the only way to enjoy a morning cup of tea or coffee when you’re on the road. Featuring a nostalgic enamelled metal design in festive green, our original PaulCamper mug will complement any campervan kitchen. For campers, by campers: it’s the most practical item you could hope for.


VW Camper cushions

Etsy is chock-a-block with cushions featuring VW Camper designs. Whatever size or colour you’re looking for – and whatever the campervan or motorhome it’s for – you’ll definitely find it on the website. If you’re feeling especially creative, you could even make one yourself. Once you have the knack of it, you’ll be churning them out in no time. You can find inspiration on Pinterest and Instagram.




23 great gifts for campers
23 great gifts for campers

Useful gifts for campers

There’s more to the camping lifestyle than just buying a campervan. It’s a home, with all kinds of things that can be pepped up and personalised. It’s an investment that requires time and money. And that’s why any true campervan enthusiast will appreciate a practical gift that they can use day to day. When buying gifts for the campers in your life, look for items that can improve a vehicle’s safety or that will add to the on-board inventory. Above all, keep in mind that you know the person better than we do – when looking through this list, try to think about what that person’s campervan is missing and what they’ve said they want.


Folding stools, camping stoves, tents, etc.

If you’re looking for a useful Christmas gift for a camping lover, you can’t go far wrong at Blacks. In our experience, a camping chair or stool that is easy to fold and stow away is always well received – either the ones on board are old and worn out, or the owner doesn’t have enough when they have visitors. A camping stove is another essential item for a proper outdoor experience. While most seasoned campers will already have one, beginners will definitely appreciate such a practical gift.


Power bank

A power bank is one of the most useful gifts a camper can receive. On long trips into the wilderness – or at sites where there’s no electricity – a power bank can double a phone’s battery life. It’s not just important for being able to make an emergency call, either; how else are all those travel photos supposed to find their way onto Instagram?


A magnetic spice rack

We’re not done with cooking yet. Everything inside a campervan has to be anchored down somehow. After all, who wants to turn a corner only to have their spice jars flying all over the place? That’s why things like magnetic jars exist – they can be attached to a strip on the wall. IKEA stocks both. Put them together and, hey presto, you have a spice rack. The transparent jar lids are handy for being able to see what’s inside, and they are easy to open by hand. Our tip: fill up the jars with herbs and spices before you give them to your friend or loved one.


Rugged water bottle for camping excursions

Campers wouldn’t be campers without their desire to explore the great outdoors. Whether they’re planning on going climbing, skiing, hiking or rowing, they’ll always take something to drink and a snack with them. Kivanta’s stainless steel water bottles are the perfect way to equip adventurers before their next trip.


A cosy PaulCamper hoodie

There’s one thing everybody underestimates when they go on a camping holiday: the temperature at night. When the mercury plunges, having an extra layer to put on is worth its weight in gold. Here’s one that campers will reach for every time to ward off the cold: a PaulCamper hoodie. Available in different colours and designs (for all genders), you can grab a hoodie directly from our online store.


An eco-friendly, reusable drinking cup

Sustainability is a top priority among nature lovers and campers. A KeepCup glass mug or a porcelain mug from Kahla are stylish, environmentally friendly gifts that can be used every morning when preparing tea or coffee. Thanks to the materials used, they have no taste or odour. They also come in a range of colours. Whichever one you go for, these are the ideal practical gifts for any camper.

23 great gifts for campers
23 great gifts for campers

Off-the-wall gifts for campers

Want to give someone something they wouldn’t expect? If so, our off-the-wall campervan gift ideas are a good place to start. Just keep in mind that you’ll have to be a dab hand at making things or have deep pockets for some of these.


VW Camper postbox

No VW Camper fanatic’s home is complete without a postbox shaped like a Camper. If you’re blessed with woodworking skills and creative energy, you can make one yourself out of wood and metal sheets. Look forward to seeing it standing in the driveway the next time you pay your pal a visit.


CampingCard ACSI

The perfect gift for the camping lover in your life, a CampingCard ACSI is an off-season discount card for more than 3,000 campsites in Europe that provides discounts of up to 60% when used in the early and late low season. The card covers the pitching fee, an overnight stay for two adults, hot showers, electricity and even one dog (if dogs are allowed on the campsite). In other words: the CampingCard ACSI is a lot of bang for your buck.


VW Camper fridge – the ultimate gift for cool campers

No limit to what you’re willing to spend? How about a Gorenje refrigerator that looks like the front of a VW Camper? If you haven’t won the lottery recently, you can still go for a mini VW refrigerator, which holds about six to eight cans – perfect for a party. Or how about this ice box on wheels from Etsy? Nothing gets closer to capturing the spirit of a VW Camper better than that.


Humorous gifts for campers

This list has suggestions for campers big and small. When buying gifts for children (or people in general), make sure it won’t be a problem to return it if they aren’t too hot on the item or if it’s damaged. Before ordering, it’s best to read the returns policy for the item.


VW Camper earrings

If your partner is whispering sweet nothings in your ear about taking another trip in a campervan together, return the favour: with these VW Camper earrings. Then you can get started planning your next trip.


Campervan key rack

Know someone who always hangs their keys on their coat rack or puts them on a shelf next to the breakfast cereal in the kitchen? Here’s a better place to store them: a VW Camper key rack with an eye-catching flower power design. The keys hang from hooks around the body of the camper. They’ll never lose another key again. And if you watch out for the hooks, it’ll even do as a plaything for kids in a pinch.


Campervan cupcakes

Cupcakes with wafers shaped like a campervan – who could resist that? Not only do they taste great, but the lifelike designs will be sure to prompt a few ideas on where to head off to next in a campervan. Our tip: make the cupcakes yourself, cut the wafers out with a sharp knife and put them in a basket to present to your friend or loved one.


Campervan egg cups

There’s nothing better than having a freshly boiled egg for breakfast – especially if you’re sitting down to have it in a campervan. It’s important to serve it in style, though, which is why we’ve found these campervan egg cups. They’re available in different colours and sizes to suite any taste (literally).


LEGO/Playmobil campervan

Children love camping just as much as adults – perhaps even more so. A LEGO or Playmobil campervan adds a true nostalgic touch to any child’s toy collection.


There’s no limit to gift ideas for campers

Ultimately, you know the tastes of the campervan aficionado you’re buying for better than we do. Still, we hope this mix of humorous and practical gifts for camping lovers has shown you just how many options you have to choose from. And if none of these ideas caught your eye, we recommend taking a look at Etsy or Pinterest for more inspiration.

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