The Most Chilled (Stress-Free) Staycation Locations

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It has been quite a year!

A global pandemic isn’t something current generations have experienced or dealt with before, not to mention the knock on effect that is still happening.

So, although it may seem like we all spent a year doing nothing, it has been a lot for people to process, leaving many in desperate need of a break to unwind, recharge and relax. 

The bad news is that many won’t get “away” this year due to the restrictions on flying and travelling abroad. The good news is that there are plenty of amazing laid-back UK destinations to explore – so if you are looking to soak up escapism we have just the list of staycation locations you don’t need a flight to get to.


This Cotswold town tops the UK’s Most Chilled Out (Stress-Free) Staycation Locations


Not all holidays are made equal. With staycations being the hot ticket this year, many of the popular destinations are likely to be even busier – meaning more tourists, more traffic… more stress!

We have analysed a list of over 50 staycation spots to determine which are the most chilled out, for those looking for a break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.


The destinations were ranked based on several factors:

  • Population
  • Tourist figures
  • Traffic
  • Air Quality
  • Parks and gardens
  • Rainfall
  • Humidity
  • Mean temperature
  • Covid cases
  • Crime rate


Looking at the list of stress factors above, we ranked 55 UK locations to give a definitive list of the perfect UK destinations to unwind after a stressful year!

Top 5 UK Stress-Free Staycation Locations, Cirencester in the Cotswolds comes out on top!


1. Cirencester, Gloucestershire

Image Credit: Billy Wilson, Flickr

The location that came out on top overall was Cirencester in Gloucestershire, a beautiful town in the Cotswolds with expansive parks, Roman history and a quaint town centre.

This idyllic location is perfect for those looking for an escape from the noise and stresses of everyday life. But, just because it is a stress-free location doesn’t mean there’s nothing to do.

Cirencester is full of amazing experiences such as the Cotswold Sculpture Park and the Corinium Museum, to name just a couple.

2. Bourton-on-the-Water, Gloucestershire

Image Credit: Carol Smith, Flickr

Second on the list is another Cotswold gem, Bourton-on-the-Water; a dreamy village in the rural Cotswolds. Straddling the River Windrush, it’s known for its low bridges and traditional stone houses.

This tranquil setting is home to some great attractions for holiday makers, including the Cotswold motoring museum, Birdland and the Cotswold brewing company.

3. ‘Royal’ Tunbridge Wells, Kent

Image Credit: Tom Lee, Flickr

Surrounded by nature reserves and woodlands, ‘Royal’ Tunbridge Wells is an ideal location for those looking to unwind after a year of stress. This peaceful town offers beautiful parks and gardens such as Dunorlan park and Scotney Castle Gardens, as well as vineyards close by for wine tasting and even ancient ruins to explore.

It isn’t a fast paced place, but after a year of upheaval, it is the perfect place to recharge and reconnect with nature.

4. Rye, East Sussex

Image Credit: Leonard Bentley, Flickr

If you would usually be spending your summer holiday on a beach abroad this year, then Rye in East Sussex may be the stress-free UK alternative you’ve been looking for.

Those looking for golden sand can visit Camber sands, however, it does get busy during peak season. Those that want to fill their lungs with sea air but don’t want to be side stepping sunbathers can instead visit the nearby Winchelsea beach.

5. Aviemore, Highlands

Image Credit: Ivo Geerson, Flickr

Named as Rough Guides 2018 Most Beautiful Country in the World, it is no surprise that a Scottish location makes the top five. Aviemore in the highlands offers natural beauty at its best; with stunning lakes, lush forests and hills to explore, this is a location for the adventurous, and those that want to bask in the sound of nature and breathe in real fresh air.

Although there are other things to do around here, the reason you visit Aviemore is definitely the lochs – including Loch an Eilein and Loch Morlich. Along with the mountains such as Cairngorm mountain and the Highland estate Rothiemurchus.

The 25 most stress-free UK staycation locations


The best of the best: The top UK spots to visit depending on your most important stress-free factor!


Maybe you like the rain or aren’t bothered by the traffic, here are the locations best for each stress factor to help you choose the place best suited to your wants for a stress-free staycation.


The best of the best: The top UK spots to visit depending on your most important stress-free factor!

In-demand locations to skip for a chilled-out getaway including London, Bournemouth and Brighton!


When analysing the search volume for holiday related terms (‘holiday in’, ‘breaks in’, ‘campsites in’ and ‘hotels in’) for all of the UK locations in the study, it was discovered that demand was highest for a break in England’s capital, London with 79K average monthly searches over all.

In second and third are popular UK seaside locations Bournemouth (66.9K) which boasts having one of the best beaches in Europe according to one study, and Brighton (48.4K). Due to the staycation boom this year, this data indicates these locations may be busier than usual.

Therefore, those looking for a chilled break away should opt for locations that appear in the top 25 chilled locations and have lower holiday search volume. For example, Royal Tunbridge Wells only has 480 monthly searches across the holiday terms and Bourton-on-the-Water has 3.6K.



Although UK staycation accommodation is pretty difficult to come by this year, you could always consider private campervan hire and campsite hop across more than one of these beautiful locations to make the most of your British summer holiday.

Similarly, if you are staying home this year and your camper is gathering dust, why not consider renting out your campervan with us! 

Full ranking for all 55 UK Staycation Locations




All the data for the various stress factors was collected from a range of sources:

  • (7 days to June 17th 2021)

These figures were then ranked from 1 to 55 for each location, 1 being the best and 55 being the worst for each factor. The location with the lowest final total was deemed the least stressful location and the location with the highest total was found to be the most stressful according to these factors.

The same list of locations was used to work out the demand by researching the average monthly searches for holiday in [location], breaks in [location], campsites in [location] and hotels in [location].

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