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How to earn more money with your camper

Today we’re taking on one of the most frequently asked questions from our community: How can I make more money with my camper? To answer this, we created a guide by analyzing countless data and collecting insight from the most highly-rated campervan owners in our community. Let’s go!

Renting a camper on PaulCamper is easy. You upload photos, write a short description and add a few details about your vehicle. Sounds simple? It is! But there are reasons why some owners earn more with their camper than others. With just a few tips and tricks, you can spice up your ad, generate more bookings and bring in more money.

In this article we will show you how to do it. Read through the sections and take a couple of minutes to work on your ad. We will do the rest. Most of all, have fun!


Image is everything


Marcus Breitfeld provides 11 tips on how to best photograph your camper. 

VW, Renault, or a Mercedes…whichever campervan you happen to have they can all look great on camera! But how often do you see a picture of a camper and think ‘cool van, but why such a bad photo?’ The truth is that first impressions always count. Especially for rental listings. The good news is that it’s not hard to make your camper look it’s best in photos, you just have to pay attention to a few small details. With some minor adjustments I guarantee that you will be amazed by how your camper will suddenly shine from all angles.

Here we’ll show you 11 tips to keep in mind the next time you photograph your beloved camper.

Tell your story


How to convince people with just a few lines of text.

Every vehicle registered on PaulCamper is accompanied by a short description. These lines are the core of your ad, as they directly address the renter for the first time and give an insight into who you are. To start, it’s a great idea to introduce yourself and your camper, for example:

Hi, I’m Christopher, I’m from Manchester and I’m renting out my camper named Henry…


Dear camper friends, we – Stephanie and Marcus – fulfilled our dream some time ago and bought this great caravan. Since our beloved camper prefers to be outdoors instead of waiting inside a garage, we would like to rent it out to other people interested in camping…

Continue with basic rule no. 1:


Tell a good story (keyword: storytelling). Let your renters know where you’ve been with your vehicle, what memorable stories you’ve experienced, or how much energy you’ve put into its conversion. For example:

  1. …During our parental leave, we had the opportunity to travel across Europe for several months. We travelled thousands of kilometres along the Atlantic coast to Portugal and back…
  2. …Jamie is our faithful companion for all weekend trips to the mountains or the lake….

Talk about details. Think about the things you like best about your camper. What makes yours stand out from other vans?

  1. …Our caravan is well equipped for a self-sufficient trip. This means that you can spend several days in nature. The solar panel system gives you full freedom in terms of electricity and a full water tank allows you to stay overnight in one place for 3-4 days without any issues…
  2. …Our camper has a separate toilet and is equipped with sustainable utensils such as chemical-free washing-up liquid, natural soap and biodegradable toilet fluid…
  3. …. There is storage space under the bed for 2 surfboards or other sports equipment. In addition, you can take 2 bicycles with you onto the rear rack and explore the area…

When writing, always think about your future renters. Is it a young couple, a small family or a couple of retirees? Who exactly is your camper suitable for? Address this target group and provide a picture about the size and space of your camper.

  1. …the camper offers enough space for a large family or a group of friends. It features a fixed double and a bunk bed, and the dining area can easily be converted into a sofa bed, making the camper easily comfortable for 6 people to sleep in.
  2. … the bed is 140 x 190 and the headroom in the vehicle is 2 metres.

Finally, write a few personal words saying that you are happy to receive any contact requests and that you are available for further questions. Always reply as soon as possible to keep the reply time and response rate high.

  1. …You are welcome to contact me via PaulCamper at any time and ask further questions. I look forward to meeting you.
  2. …We are always available for further questions – not only before, but also during your holiday.

Last but not least – make sure your spelling is correct. Even if your school years are behind you, there are no more excuses with today’s technology. There are many spelling programmes that will correct your writing in a few seconds and free of charge. 

Have fun writing!


Better Reviews


Get better ratings with these tips.

First things first – no, you can’t buy better reviews, write them yourself or force clients to do so. There are more honest ways to get your 5-stars and generate more bookings in the future. Basically, it’s all about communication. In most cases, renters write bad reviews because they didn’t get information, help or had unclear instructions. We have summarised a few tips from our experience on how to get full stars:

Tip 1:

Before booking, every renter will write you a message with questions about the camper and availability. Always reply as soon as possible and use clear and friendly language.

Tip 2:

A good tip is to write a small “handbook” or “logbook” where all the important details are summarised. The advantage of this is that it saves time when handing over the camper and gives the renter a feeling of security. You only need to write this handbook once and it will be ready for all future rentals. Think about which points can be listed. Here are a few examples: 

  • Your contact details 
  • Special information on water, electricity, gas, toilet and tank
  • Rules (smoking, animals, care etc.)
  • Special features of your camper
  • Do’s and Don’ts
Tip 3:

Take the time for a personal handover and be available at all times for questions or help (e.g. Whatsapp). No one knows the camper better than you.

Tip 4:

Surprise your renter with a small gesture. For example, give a bottle of wine or chocolate for the trip – it won’t hurt your wallet. On the contrary: it can create a positive impression, a better rating and more bookings.

Tip 5:

Ask for an evaluation. After the trip is done and the return went well, you can of course ask the renters for a review. Be proactive and ask if they were happy with the camper and your communication. If something negative is mentioned, thank them for their honest opinion and try to do better next time or find a solution.


Reply to prospective renters


Faster answers establish more trust

The response rate and reply time indicate how reliably and quickly you respond to potential renters. This gives renters a better idea of the time they can expect to receive a response and gives them a positive impression when considering your camper. You can find both values below the ratings in your camper profile.

How is the response rate and reply time calculated?

The response rate shows the percentage of all enquiries from renters to which you have responded within 48 hours over the past 30 days. Only the first response to a new enquiry is counted. The reply time is the average time in which you have responded to all enquiries from the last 30 days. With a good response rate and reply time you can score points with your renters, calculated from at least 10 responses in the last 30 days.


omgaan met slechte recensies

Dealing with bad reviews


How to avoid and learn from bad reviews

You received a bad review? No need to be worried right away. We explain in a few words how reviews are created and how to deal with a bad one.

How do reviews work?

Both owners and renters can submit a review 24 hours after a completed booking (i.e. after the trip). If a rating of two stars or less has been submitted, PaulCamper Customer Support will receive information in the form of an email. A member of staff checks and evaluates the review for objectivity and possible insults. If the conditions for publication are met (factual and free of abuse), the review is published and the owner immediately receives a notification by email.

How can I react to a bad review?

First, we recommend direct contact with the author. A joint clarification of the facts may lead to the renter changing or removing the review. If you cannot come to an agreement, you always have the right to make a statement in response, which is displayed directly below the review. To do this, we ask you to contact support. It is always a good idea to be as honest as possible in your response. Something can always go wrong and the more factual and insightful your answer is, the more trust you will create with other renters. The statement or answer can prove that this was an exceptional situation and does not usually happen like this. This in turn creates more trust in the rental community.

camper verhuren tips

Little details make the difference


Small changes – big impact

As always in life, little things play a big role. Besides good photos, a description of your camper and a few other basics, there can be a number of small details that you don’t always think about immediately. Based on our experience, here are 3 more tips that will optimise your profile and your ad.

Profile photo

Take a couple of minutes and click through a few advertisements in the PaulCamper community. You’ll see that every time you look at a profile photo, your eyes will be drawn to it or you might even open the owner’s profile. Our data analysis shows that the profiles are very important for the renters. The type of photo plays a big role here, of course. So be aware that a natural and friendly photo can increase trust.

Friendly Cancellation

With the friendly cancellation policy, you as an owner have the opportunity to accommodate your renters in the event of a necessary cancellation. If your renter is unable to travel due to valid reasons or Corona, he or she will receive 85% of the rental price back. This feature is very popular among renters on PaulCamper and has been well received by our community. In addition, your ad will be highlighted in the profile overview with a blue bar.

If this feature suits you, you can change it in your profile at any time. You can find out about the conditions for friendly cancellations here.

Equipment and the PaulCamper Promise

If you rent your camper through us, please note that part of the PaulCamper promise is to provide the essential basic equipment from gas supply to cooking pot for the renters. Equipment includes crockery, various outdoor furniture, a filled gas bottle and anything else you deem necessary. Also remember that food you leave in the motorhome can be used by your renters. Remember that your customers just want to get in and go – this is crucial for rental success.


spelregels paulcamper

Respect goes a long way


Respect and trust are the basis of sharing.

“The best way to have a friend is to be one yourself”, the American poet Ralph Waldo Emerson once said. And the PaulCamper community also adheres to this motto: we have values that connect us, rules that help us, commitments that we keep. We give each other respect and trust. We treat each other like friends. Because we share and cultivate passion for the same thing: camping.


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