Valentine’s Day in your Campervan: The Ultimate How-To Guide

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When we think of travelling in a campervan, what usually comes to mind is an adventure, discovering new places, freedom, and driving off into the sunset, a destination unknown. What we don’t think about is how real-life keeps happening, the world keeps turning, and chances are, if you’re in a relationship, either you or your partner looks forward to celebrating that special day that comes every February 14th. Therefore, we have the ultimate “how-to” guide on celebrating Valentine’s Day in your Campervan.

Valentine’s Day in your Campervan: The Ultimate How-To Guide
Valentine’s Day in your Campervan: The Ultimate How-To Guide

Make Celebrating Valentine’s Day on the Road Special


Being on the road when that day comes around may sound like something from one of those romantic comedies where everything goes wrong for the person who is trying their best to do everything right. However, when you really think about it, celebrating Valentine’s day on the road doesn’t sound all that bad.  

You just need to put some effort into it.  Doesn’t driving off into the sunset together sound romantic? Well, perhaps that’s a little cliché, but it can be part of it! Fortunately, we’ve compiled the ultimate how-to guide on Valentine’s Day in your campervan to help you out a bit. 

Rent a Motorhome for this year’s Valentine’s Day


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Why you should Celebrate Valentine’s Day in a Campervan


You may be wondering why you would celebrate Valentine’s Day in a Campervan when you could just park it somewhere and catch a movie at the cinema or wine and dine at a nice restaurant.  Well, you could do that, but then the opportunity to plan and execute a totally unique occasion would be lost.  

Remember, you want to impress your partner and show them how much you care by planning a special occasion with them. Being on the road with a Motorhome presents you with such an opportunity. Rather than the cookie-cutter dinner and a movie, you have your cosy Campervan and the entire open road at your disposal

Valentine’s Day in your Campervan: The Ultimate How-To Guide
Valentine’s Day in your Campervan: The Ultimate How-To Guide

The possibilities are endless and the best things about being in a Campervan on Valentine’s day are you’ll have the place all to yourselves and it’s super easy to unplug and be more in tune with one another without the distractions of everyday life.

Gift-giving on the Road


If you and your partner usually exchange gifts on Valentine’s Day, being away from home and out in the great big world is an opportunity to change things up a bit. You could just go to a gift shop and buy some local souvenir or trinket they’ll never use, but making something out of materials from your surroundings is so much more personal and they’ll appreciate the work that went into creating something just for them.  

Although store-bought greeting cards are losing popularity these days, handmade greeting cards will never go out of style! One way to get creative is to write a greeting in the sand if you’re near a beach or in the snow, if it’s winter and take a picture of it.  Send it as an e-card or, if you have access to facilities, get it printed off and put inside a handmade card.  

Nothing says creativity and “I Love You” more than a handmade piece of jewellery made from things you can find in your surroundings. Rocks, seaglass and shells make beautiful items that can be worn for years. You can buy little jewellery kits that come with tools to make your own jewellery.


shells sea shells collection colourful


You can even use things like eggcorns, flowers, and other things found in nature, but organic materials might not last as long.  It’s the thought that counts though, right? Jewellery doesn’t only have to be for the ladies either and if your partner is not into jewellery, you can always make a special trinket to remind them of that Valentine’s Day you spent in a campervan.

Get Everything Just Right


The day before, get together and plan out your special day and get some of the preparations out of the way. 

  • Have a playlist picked out and downloaded in case there’s no Wi-Fi where you park.
  • Download a couple of movies so they are ready to watch
  • Make sure electronics are fully charged.
  • Scout the area for the perfect place to park that has a nice view and where you won’t be bothered by anyone else.
  • Make sure you have all the supplies you need in advance.
  • Set up some solar lights and scented candles for ambiance.
  • Decorate the interior with freshly-picked flowers and pretty items from your natural surroundings.
Valentine’s Day in your Campervan: The Ultimate How-To Guide
Valentine’s Day in your Campervan: The Ultimate How-To Guide

Some Ideas to Celebrate Valentine’s Day in your Campervan?


If you’ll be spending Valentine’s on the road, you’ll need to get creative.  Space is limited in a campervan and the weather can be uncooperative. So tip number one when planning your romantic day is to take the bad with the good.  Workaround any hiccups that arise and laugh about them later

You might be tempted to just pull into a nice hotel with a fancy restaurant and have a traditional Valentine’s Day. Resist the temptation, save your money, rent a Campervan and do something new and different.  Something you’ll remember for years to come.

Make Breakfast Together


You’ve heard of breakfast in bed but breakfast in a campervan takes things to a whole new level. Wake up together and make breakfast.  I always think of pancakes as a special occasion type of breakfast but perhaps you and your partner fancy some bacon and eggs or omelettes.  Whatever you cook up, lay it out on your nicest camping dishes, open the back hatch and dine to the sound of birds chirping while the sun comes up.

Valentine’s Day in your Campervan: The Ultimate How-To Guide
Valentine’s Day in your Campervan: The Ultimate How-To Guide

Do a Romantic Photoshoot 


You’re in a strange place together, you may never be here again and it’s Valentine’s Day! What better way to memorialize the day than with a photoshoot. Dress up in the nicest clothes you have and set out to explore the area that you picked as your little lover’s getaway. 

Take some pictures of your Valentine’s decor, your partner, the two of you together walking hand-in-hand down a beach or sitting on a tree branch (you’ll need to get creative here if you want some wide shots of yourselves and no one else is around)Capture everything!

Valentine’s Day in your Campervan: The Ultimate How-To Guide
Valentine’s Day in your Campervan: The Ultimate How-To Guide

Create Your Own Drive-in Movie Theatre


Get lots of fluffy pillows, blankets and snacks and cuddle up in the back of your campervan with a movie. Alternatively, you can set up your laptop inside the campervan and make a comfy bed outside.  Just pull up to a picnic table or patch of soft grass

Go on a Scavenger Hunt


You’re in a new unfamiliar place. You have the whole world at your fingertips. Sounds like the perfect recipe for a scavenger hunt! A scavenger hunt is a perfect way to add some fun and an element of surprise to your special day. Write love letters to one another that contain clues and riddles and hide them in random places around your campervan and surrounding area.


Scavenger hunt treasure hunt

Hang out on the Roof


If the weather allows and your Motorhome has a sturdy roof, grab some blankets and pillows and head up there to snuggle under the stars. Keep the windows open so you can enjoy that romantic playlist you created.  

Make a Meal Together


Campervans have their limitations when it comes to working magic in the kitchen, but it’s still possible to cook up something delicious for Valentine’s Day. If you use the vehicle’s built-in kitchen to prepare your meal, you’ll have more options.

Stir-fry is versatile and delicious. Chili and poke bowls are quick and offer a Hawaiian atmosphere. One-pan pesto chicken penne, broccoli, and mushroom and lentil bolognese are delicious.  Even something as simple as Kraft Dinner can be jazzed up with spices, vegetables, and condiments. A simple peanut butter sandwich is transformed into something delicious and nutritious by adding sliced banana and ground flax seeds. 

If your campervan doesn’t come equipped with cooking facilities, cooking over an open fire isn’t as limiting as you think! Pizza cones, chicken dinner, and even stew are just some of the things you can cook over an open fire. 

If it’s the right season, pick some berries or fruit together and have them for dessert with some yogurt and oatmeal.

Valentine’s Day in your Campervan: The Ultimate How-To Guide
Valentine’s Day in your Campervan: The Ultimate How-To Guide

DIY Wine Tasting


Instead of spending an evening in a crowded winery’s tasting room, buy some local wines and host your own wine tasting session.  Create ambiance with music and dim lighting.  Remember those gifts you made for one another? This is a good time to exchange them.

Watch the Sunset Together


It sounds cliché, but romance and sunsets just go so well together.  Make it special! Strategically seek out the perfect location where you won’t be surrounded by crowds and face the back of the campervan towards the horizon so you can get the perfect view.

Valentine’s Day in your Campervan: The Ultimate How-To Guide
Valentine’s Day in your Campervan: The Ultimate How-To Guide

Valentine’s Day in your Campervan – Dos and Don’ts


  • Be mindful of your environment. Make sure the site is returned to the state you found it in.
  • Remember you might not be alone: Be respectful of others who’re nearby by keeping the noise down, not parking too close to others, and not parking on private property.
  • Do be careful with candles.  Use them sparingly or not at all.  Solar lights are safer.
  • Don’t leave leftover food out as it can attract wild animals.
  • And most important: Don’t sweat the small things. Relax, have fun and make memories

These are our tips and tricks on spending Valentine’s Day in your Campervan. Either if you just want to surprise your loved one or have an especially romantic evening, there’s nothing better than spending this day in a Motorhome. If you haven’t booked one, find it now before the best ones are gone!


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