Become a PaulCamper Affiliate Partner

Do you love the outdoors as much as we do?
Then we are the right brand for you!
Become a PaulCamper affiliate partner and benefit from:

  • varied earning options 
  • large purchase baskets (+£800 / single booking)
  • interesting commission per transaction
  • a growing community of likeminded people


Easy Registration

Quick Integration

Earn with US!

Follow the registration link, enter your details and create your profile.

Find all you need in your partner profile. You can create affiliate links with the link builder or download banners with the right messaging.

Use your online channels to drive new customers or camper owners to PaulCamper. We pay you for both!

Why should you join the PaulCamper revolution?

PaulCamper is the largest community of camping enthusiasts in Europe. Already 10,000 motorhome owners share their vehicles through PaulCamper. We believe that sharing is the future of travelling and our goal is to enable everyone to enjoy the outdoors in a more sustainable way. With you as our partner, we hope to inform campervan owners about the possibility to share their vehicles  and to provide camping enthusiasts with the experience of camping as a community. It is a win-win for everyone.

Details of the Partner Programme

Great earning potential!

High Basket Value

Organic Reach

£50-100 for each new camper online

3% commission on bookings

You can earn between £30-100 per successful booking

Brand or Keyword bidding is

not allowed


What are the benefits of becoming a partner?

Simple set-up

Create your unique partner link in just a few steps

Easy tracking

Track your performance in your partner account.

Partner support

We want you to succeed! 
Talk to us about your doubts and achievements, we are here to help!

Automated monthly payment 

Each month your earnings will be automatically sent to your bank account.

For Content Creators & Influencers

Affiliate partnership are a great way to connect long term. We'd love to hear from you if you have a different

idea for collaboration. Creative ideas and a win-win approach are always welcome!

Send us an email and a brief pitch at: [email protected]


The PaulCamper Partner Programme

What does it mean to be a PaulCamper partner?

As our partner, you refer new travellers or owners of camping vehicles to our platform. As soon as they book a motorhome holiday or list their vehicle on our website, you earn a reward for each finalised action taken on the PaulCamper marketplace.

How do I successfully refer new travellers or motorhome owners?

You can refer new guests or owners to PaulCamper by advertising our services on your website, in your email campaigns, social media accounts or even in person. Simply share your partner link with anyone interested in knowing more about us and receive the referral bonus as soon as they book or register online.

How much can I earn with PaulCamper?

Your earnings depend on the size of your audience, your effort in integrating PaulCamper links and affiliate products in your channels and your willingness to experiment!

Let's try and make a simple calculation:
Your website monthly traffic is 12,000 unique visitors. Let's assume we attract 1% of them.
That makes for 120 visitors each month to the PaulCamper website. 
If 2-6% of them make a camper booking, your monthly earnings
range between £60-200 for camper bookings only!

Plus, we have a progressive commission structure. As your performance improves, so does your commission!

And, don't forget we also reward the referral of a camper owner who lists a camper vehicle on PaulCamper! 

For each vehicle set online, you get an amazing £100

Do you have any questions? Please contact us:

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