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The PaulCamper Promise

Hire a campervan in Plymouth safely & easily with no additional costs!
For each camper, the price includes:
Fully comprehensive insurance
all the equipment you need
Mileage agreed upfront guarantees no extra costs
Dirk Fehse
Founder and dedicated camper

Hire campervans from Plymouth & surrounding areas

    Long working days and the same routine every day-no wonder you need a holiday again! What’s more, the range of holiday options out there is huge, which doesn’t make choosing the right one any easier. Have you ever thought about camping? With a campervan hire from Plymouth, you can just drive off and decide freely where to go. If you want to rent a campervan in Plymouth you have all the possibilities within reach – from bathing holidays at the lake or local sightseeing trips, to hiking holidays and more.

    Which is the right campervan for me?

    Campervan for couples:

    Campervan for families:

    Camper for long-term rental:

    Campervan for dog owners:

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